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Awards - Heather Corinna


  • The Steinem-Waters Award, given to a movement leader over 30 who has exhibited a consistent investment in developing young people in the field of reproductive justice (2015)
  • The Golden Brick Award, recognizing significant contributions to the field of sexuality education in the United States (2015)
  • The Woodhull Foundation’s Vicki Award, for affirming sexual freedom as a fundamental human right (2013)
  • The Joan Helmich Educator of the Year Award (2012)
  • (For Scarleteen) Seattle Web Awards: Best Nonprofit Website and Best Nonprofit Twitter Feed (2011)
  • The Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality, Western Region’s Public Service Award (2009)
  • The Our Bodies, Ourselves’ Women’s Health Heroes Award (2009)
  • The Champions of Sexual Literacy Award for Grassroots Activism from the National Sexuality Resource Center and San Francisco State University (2007)